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Reflections on My 20-Something Year Old Self

I was doing some digital Spring cleaning and found this photo taken of me at Long Beach when I first moved to NYC almost ten years ago.

Looking at this 22 year old girl, I beam with pride. For her indestructible warrior spirit which never died, for her wild heart, for her oneness with the ebbs and flows of life. I feel her rage, her grace, her ability to transcend the madness of this world. I say to her:

"I know you have been beaten down by some mean blows of life,

and you will again,

this I assure you.

But, look at how you have pulled yourself out from that undertow!

Look how you keep finding yourself,

solid as rock,

over and over again.

Keep finding your pedestal above the chaos each time you get knocked out, Dear One.

Detach from all confusion and illusion;

Perch upon your throne and know that

you are worthy." We all are. 🌊📿🌀💠

Shakti Sanctuary

A mindful space designed for your next breakthrough. 

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