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Flowing in Surrender

I have been reflecting on where I was 3 years ago... somewhat graceful in going through the fire of rapid change and uncertainty but definitely white-knuckling it at times.

At this point, I feel I’ve lost the energy for struggling unnecessarily... the need to try and fight for control over the ebbs and flows... squeezing onto the highs and running away from the lows.

I have my moments now where I am presented opportunities:

Do I wish to suffer by holding onto expectations and entitlements of how my life “should be” or do I surrender completely and trust in the process?

What I am discovering now is that the more quickly I choose surrender, the easier I flow through the sequences of my great dance here.

Much love to all who are practicing finding balance in trusting the strange and beautiful miracle of living.

We are the waking dream.

- Puran Kaur

Shakti Sanctuary

A mindful space designed for your next breakthrough. 

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